A very interesting feature is that the bass management treats the subwoofer channel and the LFE soundtrack as two distinct entities. This may be of use to legacy sources with limited video controls, but it’s beyond my expertise and so I set the video inputs to pass through. Toronto, Canada — December 29, — Anthem, the leading manufacturer of high-end electronics for music, home theater and distributed audio systems, announces shipping of their MRX and receivers. Turn ARC on and the stereo soundstage increases slightly in size, tightens up in terms of focus, but because most of its doings are focused toward the bottom end of the range I tended to set the EQ to an upper limit of 1kHz the natural life and sparkle survived untouched. That this ability is further heightened, rather than quashed by the use of the ARC room correction is, I feel, reason enough to push the MRX to the top of your audition list. Of course, it has decoding for all mainstream standard and high-resolution movie and music sound formats, USB inputs with an iPod dock on the way, upscaling to p, Ethernet networking and even a Dolby ProLogic IIz height channel option.

anthem mrx 700

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anthem mrx 700

The system applies those collective measurements in calculating individual correction curves for each speaker. The main chassis, itself, is clad in a crackle black finish, pressed and qnthem steel wrap.

Anthem MRX 700 review

Furthermore, you can set the maximum frequency to which you wish the equalization to be applied, the upper limit being 5kHz, with a minimum of Hz. Sub bass is thunderous. Our Verdict Anhem is miles better than rivals in its price range. The DSP engines are not capable of running system setup procedures on their own.

Nrx first is that if this is ‘only’ a 7xW of amplifier, then somebody should tell Anthem their Watts are larger than the competitions.


anthem mrx 700

Overview Canadian brand Anthem’s classy high-end D2V processor and P-series power amps wowed our high-end sensibilities when we saw themleading to a three-strong lineup of more affordable AV receivers coming to these shores in Turn it off with the best of green intentions and the MRX shuts down too. Also consider the Anthem if you want a receiver that incorporates one of the most sophisticated room EQ systems available today. It always sounds like a processed sound. On paper the Anthem MRX might not seem a particularly strong contender, but judged on sound it has little to fear from anything near this price.

Anthem MRX review | What Hi-Fi?

Engage the ARC and the effect is nothing short of astonishing. As far as the inputs and outputs go, it’s a little bit of a mixed and sometimes lacking bag.

Where it counts most—namely, in our listening rooms—the MRX consistently makes speaker systems jump and boogie in ways that some ostensibly more powerful receivers cannot. The natural stance is a heavyweight balance that delivers a soundstage forged of granite with lead trimmings and ballast in the belly.

Anthem’s MRX 500 & 700 A/V Receivers Now Shipping

It really is musically satisfying. Channels six and seven can be configured as the rear surrounds in a ‘traditional’ 7. It also means that if you insist on using a pair of floorstanders full qnthem, sans subwoofer for music listening, you can choose to only EQ the bass end of the speakers, but more on what that sort of flexibility delivers later.

Mx, bass redirected from the main channels can be set to reproduce music and voices naturally, but explosions can be set to shake the room. The MRX itself is, I feel, a fine looking beast.

Anthem MRX review | TechRadar

Setup It is beholden to the user to set channel distances in increments of 30cmbut all else is handled by the proprietary ARC Anthem Room Correction automated setup. MRX comes with two remote controls—a comparatively extensive remote for use in the main listening space, and a smaller, simpler remote geared for use in Zone 2. Any audio input can be matched up to a video input, with the MRX able to upconvert composite and component signals to HDMI and upscale signals to p60, with a p24 mode to protect your Blu-ray sourced material.


Through mmrx presumably performs no video processing. The PC displays a measured, target and resultant response curve with the EQ applied.

If you do use the setup without the safety anthe of a dealer installation, I guarantee you’ll be flicking back and forth through the manual wondering why certain things just aren’t working.

And that is the best-sounding EQ system of any I am yet to aanthem by a long, Canadian country mile. Through this all, though, we also hear small—indeed almost subliminal—harmonics, overtones, echoes, and reverberations that convey a sense of the recording space in a way that antheem a quality of lifelike realism that makes the recording special.

I find it next to impossible to setup and operate any receiver from the front panel alone, with the on screen display having long since usurped this need. Our Review Ethos Read about our review ethos and the meaning of our review badges.

The rating drops to 90 watts when five channels are in play. Moreover, the sheer number-crunching power and data storage requirements are moved to a dedicated device your laptop, notepad, PC etc offering much greater depth, detail and flexibility in the system.

Review Specs Discussion Stepping the pace down produces sound that is cleaner, crisper and more infectious with the ARC engaged, bringing life and sparkle to slower-paced movies and Pixar classics alike.