Winamp cannot be used to stream from OSX. If this happens you will need to log back into your Museter Control Panel and restart it. Your bitrate is the Icecast hosting package you selected when you signed up for your account, i. Double-click the encoder in the list to edit its settings. Enter the Encoder password from your caster. The steps below will get your online radio station set up and streaming live. If your Icecast hosting radio server is a 96kbps or above then set your sample rate to

edcast dsp v3

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Enter the Server Port from your caster. Your server is now running, but before you can broadcast you need to configure WinAmp by performing the following steps: If you want to do a live show and put it through your mixer then you would select the audio device where your mixer is plugged into your computer. One of the simplest and quickest ways to get you up and broadcasting live is by using To begin you must first purchase an Icecast radio hosting package.

This is one of the most important steps as it is where you are configuring your broadcasting settings. It is important that this information be entered correctly or you will not be able to connect to your Icecast hosting server.


Set it to the correct bitrate or dps. Start playing a file in XMPlay to have Edcast start the stream. Anything you play in WinAmp will now be broadcast through the internet to your listeners. Make sure you have the correct settings here.

How to start a radio station using Icecast and Winamp

Enter the Encoder password from your caster. Configuring your encoder Click the “Add Encoder” Button and Right-click the new encoder that appears after clicking the button.

Enter the Server IP from your caster. Be sure to set the Mountpoint to the correct format, stream. Winamp cannot be used to stream from OSX. If you set eedcast too high your server will stop and a message will be sent to you via dsl. Winamp Input Plug-ins For an alternative, please consider Nicecast.

Make sure ds click the encoder and that it is highlighted and then click the Connect button. Go to rdcast Packages Page now!

Configure it to connect to the Icecast server you’ve set up before. However, the best sound quality for your listeners will be kbps or kbps and will allow your station to be listed in the itunes directory. Important Note If your computer has more than one sound card you need to select the desired sound card and output.


Input your Museter radio server information here.

Winamp and Spreaker Tutorial

You might be asking yourself, “Which plan should I purchase? Click the Auto Connect check box.

edcast dsp v3

The kbps is our most popular package. This is the information you’ll need about your server to connect it to the Edcast plugin for Winamp. How to start an internet radio station with Icecast using Winamp 1.

edcast dsp v3

If this is not happening then please check your settings by going back to step 3. This can be set to whatever you want.

Winamp and Spreaker Tutorial (via Edcast plugin)

Want to take live calls? Get your computer ready to broadcast your online radio station Now that you have got your Museter Icecast hosting server. This is edcaast standard setting for most users.