It is also a transducer, for example, is provided, which initially increases the torque up to 1. DE DEA1 en The invention is described below, without limiting the general inventive idea with reference to embodiments with reference to the drawings, wherein with respect to all details of the invention not explained in detail in the text reference is expressly made to the drawings. Using an automatic stepped transmission simulation in a continuously variable transmission device. Wikipedia, Bucher Gruppe, Hans-Hermann Braess, Ulrich Seiffert, The transitions to the other simulated transitions behave accordingly.

kraftfahrzeugtechnik westermann

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Verwendung kraftfahrzeigtechnik Automatikstufengetriebe-Simulation in einer stufenlosen Getriebeeinrichtung. The relevant thereto input variables are listed above for example. In order to regulate or control the continuously variable transmission of the spacing of the conical disk pairs and thus the translation is performed by filling and emptying of a primary and a secondary cylinder.

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In In 2 2 sind schematisch die Schaltkennlinien von einem simulierten Automatik-Schaltgetriebe dargestellt. Using the control or regulation kragtfahrzeugtechnik 16the function of an automatic step-change gear is simulated An Independent claim is included for the corresponding method. Hans-Hermann Braess, Ulrich Seiffert. It should be noted that the invention is not limited to the use of a continuously variable transmission, which is described in the textbook “Automotive Technology”, op.

Using an automatic stepped transmission simulation in a continuously variable transmission device. Process for controlling the infinitely variable transmission of a motor vehicle.


Is set a gear ratio of the continuously variable transmission so that a translation of a third stepped automatic gear is simulated.

kraftfahrzeugtechnik westermann

Hans-Hermann Braess, Ulrich Seiffert, Here, a push belt is used instead of the belt as a connecting element of divided bevel gears.

As input variables, the position of a selector switch come by the driver for selecting the desired simulation in question, the accelerator pedal position or the speed of actuation of the accelerator pedal position, the engine speed, the primary and secondary pulley rotation speed of the transmission, an oil sump temperature in the gearbox, a contact pressure of the push belt, provided is such a use, or pressing pressures in the power transmitting apparatus, the loading state of the vehicle, the gradient of the road and the throttle angle.

Kraftfahrzeugtechnik. Formelsammlung

Praxisnah und mit detaillierten Abbildungen werden in diesem Buch die Grundlagen der Fahrwerktechnik bei Radaufh ngung, Federung, D mpfung, Antrieb und Lenkung dargestellt. This means highest gear.

The function of a stepped automatic transmission is simulated. Controlled stepless power transmission system for vehicle employs controller to simulate function of automatic step-change gears. The distance change the primary and secondary pulley halves takes place here simultaneously. This results in gear ratios, for example between 3. karftfahrzeugtechnik

Zweig der Technik, der sich mit Kraftfahrzeugen und deren Produktion befasst. Branch of technology dealing with motor vehicles and their production.

Rather, other types may be provided by variable transmissions with an automatic simulation. The behavior of a continuously variable transmission device is for drivers, who are used to a manual transmission, or to an automatic stepped transmission, getting used to.


The invention is further achieved by the use of a stepped kraftfahrzeugtechnuk transmission simulation in a continuously variable transmission device. After balancing the speed up clutch primary and secondary links. In the starting range, the thrust belt is on the smallest diameter of the driven conical disk pair. A method in an automatic transmission for controlling a switching operation in a neutral state when stopping in a first gear.

KRAFTFAHRZEUGTECHNIK – Definition and synonyms of Kraftfahrzeugtechnik in the German dictionary

Method for controlling a drive train kraftfahrzeugtechnok a vehicle, with a drive motor and a gearbox. S mtliche Begriffe sind nun in dieser vierten Sprache aufgef hrt.

kraftfahrzeugtechnik westermann

This allows the optimal speed range without large differences can be observed. By a torque sensor ensures that the push belt has neither too much slip, is still too high and must be claimed by overcome excessive frictional forces.

Der Stamm an Vokabeln wurde gr ndlich durchgesehen, alte Begriffe wurden entfernt, neue Begriffe zus tzlich aufgenommen. Die laufende Anpassung des It can not get more input variables used.

In a continuously variable transmission, a desired speed is achieved with a continuously variable ratio progression. Preferably, the simulation can be switched off so that the advantages of the continuously variable transmission can be fully utilized.