Is that still the case? June 8th, at 3: Respring over and over with no luck. September 8th, at 5: Download any of the tools listed above to copy the file to your device iFunBox, iTools, iExplorer.

libhide 2.0 4

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March 20, Home Help Search Login Register. A quick note on memory usage and hopefully this is the last note on libhide for months to come. I can’t find pincrush in cydia. You must also be able to install this without help and report issues with a syslog if requested. Respring solved the problem on 2.

Can’t install winterboard

Note that mobile substrate safe mode should show all hidden icons, and a respring would hide them again. A bit off-topic, but speaking of obsolete, I have not libhde to 4. Yesterday I lost wireless again, and when doing the same reset, the phone entered the endless reboot problem and would not stop. I upgraded libhide, bigboss sources and cydia,and now all of my messages are gone!!!


What do you think BigBoss? Our phones are also crashing due to the removal of the beta. BigBoss — Now I feel like some people are being punished for these noobs.

libhide 2.0 4

BigBoss, since libhide is now a mobilesubstrate extension does this mean that if we ever experience a crash to safe mode the icons will be unhidden? I installed an app from iTunes appstore to test it.

libhide 2.0 4

Anyone that has a valid reason why they cant update to 3. Cydia opened up just fine, but I tried opening libhkde regular App Store apps and they crashed as soon as they opened. Then, switch to Search also in Cydiatype preferenceloader, pincrush, and libhide in search box, install it. June 8th, at 3: Khiz3r New Member Posts: The iOS 6 menu is the sharing menu libhidd whited00r, and it connects to the servers so it can upload images.

Cannot install Winterboard on iOS 4.1 after limera1n

Have a pleasant afternoon. Any help to find libhide 1. I have apps that I manually hid. Other Log in 05 Sep LibHide v2.


Cannot install Winterboard on iOS after limera1n | MacRumors Forums

May 30th, at 5: I do like this idea, and I may use it in the future: September 10th, at 6: October 7th, at 9: My phone just froze while downloading the files. September 27th, at 8: February 23rd, at 9: I would argue that the answer is none. Where can I download the previous version deb file of libhide?

Literally less than k including the 15k to load the dylib into memory. Did you miss your activation email? Ok, my bad, I had try to fix spotbright crashes by unchecking everything in the spotlight settings section, forgot to add it back.