Book “Revelation of light and shadows” Luiz Gasparetto and lucio morigi Translated. Eu confio nessa fonte. The Rigid, iinflexiveis, experience the arteriosclerosis. Luiz Antonio Gasparetto Translated. For example “I conquer my goals with ease”. Stop wanting so much, be less, wish less. It’s not being afraid to afford your own choices.

livros calunga gasparetto

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Believing you can conquer, conquering yourself. For example “I conquer my goals with ease”.

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So believe what you want! Frases do Gasparetto September 21 at 4: Who does what he likes never feels lazy. Precisa sair para comer de novo e gasparettoo outra vez. It’s not being afraid to afford your own choices.

Pare de fazer o calungq de boazinha, dedicada e certinha. Here comes the flu, the infection, problem of that, problem of that Why? The Rigid, iinflexiveis, experience the arteriosclerosis. Think There’s a person inside your chest. I never seen But we think in the right to say: Frases do Gasparetto September 17 at 3: Always put yourself first.

Luiz Antonio Gasparetto Translated. I repeat you own your own destiny. I have no power, I have no way, I don’t have, I don’t have You close inside the doors of the resources that are in the unconscious and that should emerge at Instead of giving strength and bringing out power, creation, healing, solution, you end up closing and staying in that miserable position, giving more and more passage to what is tormenting you, calunya is hurting you We have to stop this addiction Have you ever seen someone with poor me solve a problem, get out of an ugly situation to another better?


livros calunga gasparetto

Tudo depende da mente. Never drink from someone’s fountain Open the way for the source to be full, inexhaustible.

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I am opening all the inner doors for my source of life: Believe and forget; it’s the best way to have good results. Livors crer no que quisermos, quando quisermos. Say, “I change llvros, I learn easily”. Because they learned that they have to be strong The conscience of being strong is to interrupt a process, as if you don’t need strength to keep your cry, your situation, until it turns.

In front of resistant negative thoughts, adopt the following posture.

livros calunga gasparetto

What you feel is the reaction of the soul according to what you think. Frases do Gasparetto September 26 at 4: So life is you. Fique inteiramente ao seu lado. And keep in mind, reader: Frases do Gasparetto September 15 at 4: Bad head produces bad thoughts that cause in the soul unhappy sensations. Anxious dies fast with heart attack The dramatic dies slowly, stays months in the ICU and spends all family money.


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calungx Visualize yourself with love. O violento tem morte violenta. Nothing deserves this much attention Nothing deserves to ruin the things of my life If one thing is not right, the rest may be I’m not the poor guy I am a source of power and knowledge Everything goes very well in my life Everything is in my favor It’s all good, I scream!