A big chump of general fixes and changes Come enjoy the newb wars and exp raids this weekend with us! God qut on 6. Are you brave enough to enter the Labyrinth of the Fallen Gods? To get started, create an account and download Tibia client version 7. Also, the private testing period for the High Level PvP Balancing has been concluded, and we will soon move on to bringing all the changes into the main server for further testing and experimenting together with all the Outcastians.

otserv 7.6

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otserv 7.6

Added some fixes to start the year Patching things up to start smoother than ever before. God qut on 5. Multiple new tasks, minor fixes and other useful updates!

Hardcore areas, bosses and equipment A new area with otsevr Quests and Bosses has been added. More updates to the client will be released soon, be prepared!

Added more monsters to the infamous Lizard spawn – Tarid: God qut on 9. Where did Postman Pat disappear? EXP Raid is a great chance to grab some easy levels and win special rewards.

All Server in 1 Post!

Some 76 mid-tier Quests and areas Its time to equip your sets and go explore the new epic areas! Bugs were fixed, things were added A small amount of fixes and improvements have been added. General Updates -Created a new Wiki for the Outcast located at wiki. General Updates -Removed paralyze from Andromeda Draconis and Dark Wizard – Improved oserv abilities of UH rune for high level knights -Added possibility of using Points to travel to checkpoints -The Old Business Man NPC sells Checkpoint travels for points -Added new bosses to the ultra raid that happens before EXP Raid -PvP Training characters now have infinite rune charges -PvP Training characters also have new default bags on login -Added a red notification when messaging someone who is offline -Removed the automatic raids that executed on new player login – Highered the experience gained from the following bosses: Pushing a patch before a bigger update Added new features, improvements and fixes for Outcastians.


People who participate the raid can also win things such as “Exp Boost 4” and various other donor gear by simply joining the event.

Happy Holidays to everyone out there Dropping an epic Christmas present otsefv all the Outcastians. God qut on 4. General Updates -Added a clip on how to access Lands of Mysticon to youtube. Fun events and small fixes! Useful changes before a bigger update Returning home from a deep quest is a whole lot easier now: For more information about the server and the community, read through the rules and guides section and check out the forum boards as well.

General Updates – The otssrv Shop page has been updated and re-organized. Yep, another little patchy patch!

Servers 7.6 – 8.4

Some small-time changes to the gameplay Fixes in the skull and NPC systems. Arrival of the legendary area Be’Luna May the adventure begin, It’s going to be a tough journey! God qut on 8. Ectoplasma Containers to Empty and Full Ectoplasma containers -Changed various EXP Raid monster looks to newer era Outfits for the sake of change -City Raid monsters like Visualis Ghosts and so forth wont run away on low HP anymore -Outcast Pass is now always required when talking to NPC Mystic Rick -Updated general Broadcaster with up to date information regarding Task NPCs -Added a link to Discord that is shown by the broadcaster throughout the day -Total Zombie Event Victory amount is now shown after announcing the Event winner -Added a new page to the highscores showing who leads the Zombie Event win score -Zombie Event automation cycle now starts 3 minutes after every restart -Generally improved the new Zombie Arena to have a little bit more space The new feature that allows players to return home from Checkpoints works as a prelude to the upcoming Phase II testing period of the new Death Loss system.


General Updates -Added 3 Mystery Outfits to! It will be much easier to get started so create your characters quickly! Blessing charges will be used when you get killed by both players and monsters General Updates -Added a totally new Death Loss system to improve gameplay as detailed above -Improved!

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General Updates -Added Sky Rider Weapon Quest, multiple new bosses and two new areas -The following new areas are part of the new weapon upgrade Quest: To get started, create an account and download Tibia client version otservv.

In short, the mechanics of it work in the following manner: General Updates -Added multiple new videos to the Outcast’s Youtube channel -Fixed various glitches in the map all around -Fixed a serious bug causing invisibility at Demon Hell entrance -Added new stages for gaining more rune charges with Age -You will now get x charges after Age 20, x after Age 35 -Improved FPS even more at the Teleport World -Added ktserv sign to Golden Mace quest that explains the destination -EXP Vouchers are now items that can be activated anytime, also traded -Added a 50x charged bless amulet to Shop called Baphomet’s Medallion -Every type of furniture comes in a container now to prevent abusing -Added a new!

Let the battles begin on the sacred lands of the Outcast!

otserv 7.6

Come grab a few easy levels and great loot during the EXP raid with us!