However, he does look uncomfortable in the scenes that required him to be more dramatic. He should really do more such films for the sake of good cinema and its hungry viewers. Some of the advantages of different supplements include their effectiveness, natural ingredients, deficit of side effects and relaxation of use. Do Dooni Chaar The movie starts here. Rajat Kapoor plays the hassled NRI effortlessly — he seems made for these kind of roles only. The mix ‘n’ match setting isn’t relegated to the characters alone.

phas gaye re obama comedy scene

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Om Shastri, a recession victim comes to India to sell his ancestors property to clear is debt. Feel free to visit my homepage:: Lal Kishan Dinesh Nag Ship Worldwide Look into my blog post:: Here is my web site – viagra Review my blog ; buy viagra online.

Скачать Phas Gaye Re Obama (HD) – Part 07/08 – Bollywoods Best Comedy Movie – смотреть онлайн

As is common to such films, PGRO also relies on well-crafted characters with ridiculous peculiarities and ironic scenes such as Mantriji Amol Gupte sacrificing a goat during the inauguration of a bridge while holding the portfolio of Ministry of Animal Welfare.

Louis Vuitton sequence options scarves, charms along with personalized belongings. Phas Gaye Re Obama In fact this comdey a kind of movie which will largely satisfy the cinematic urge of ever true movie lover and student of cinema world-wide.


Rajat Kapoor played his trademark NRI role mercurially.

English Speaking Class – Hilarious Funny Scene – Phas Gaye Re Obama

A very good black comedy. Bollywood was starving badly for want of a good entertaining movie in after the impact that was left by 3 IDIOTS last year, but the movies that came all throughout the year were dull and hugely irritating, both in their content as well as their entertainment quotient.

Most of these movies deficiency the cerebral high quality of your previously films.

phas gaye re obama comedy scene

After 30 mins, it starts going downhill. Wonderfully written script and at the top of that marvelous conedy on the screen. Rajat Kapoor is stiff, while Neha Dhupia scores in a supporting role. Shastri plots his own ‘sale’ from one wisened gangster to the next unsuspecting crook, in what becomes a chain of hilarious cons.

phas gaye re obama comedy scene

You can buy a inclusive prog appendage which is wealthy in anti-oxidants such as Resveracine or Sea Vegg. The movie proudly sits on the latter category. Neha Dhupia, in a shorter role, does better than her attempts at anything else in her glamorous career and Amole Gupte as the sly politician is convincingly brilliant.

Browse free movies and TV series. Expect an intelligent story with a predictable ending only if u r movie buff and I mean it when I say “movie buff”.

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A comedy movie with a script which is very rare now-a-days. Are you a Movie buff? But with health supplements, we can satisfy in the nutrition inconsistency caused during poor diet. Do Dooni Chaar Interactive promotions result in better recall value and a stronger personal connect, say D-Towners. Archived from the original on 29 January Ditch the roomy tote for a colorful clutch or glitzy side bag instead. Constructed from a terrific script that’s strong on plot and packed with crackling dialogue, ‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’ is consistently engaging.


I hope I could have watched this movie in the theater. The strap is lengthy.

phas gaye re obama comedy scene

One line review of the movie — Simply add the name Subhash Pyas to the group of new extremely talented directors who are capable of teaching new lessons of cinema to all the big names relying entirely on Big Stars and their glossy film- making styles to save their reputed names in the Industry. Neha Dhupia stars as Munni, a dreaded don who despises men, and who’s dubbed herself the female Gabbar Singh.

Totally makes this movie another stupid piece of mainstream comedy with no originality.

It starts with a positive and impactful note. Jenna Dewan expecting child with Steve Kazee.