Best app for youtube playlist I have 1 problem though Please find your own use case. It has to pass a signature verification check before they list in AIO Downloader. And for Default opening Dailymotion Just select from the option. Please also check if there is enough free memory for caching on the SD card.

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Nvolve Support The best I have used this app for the past few months and, all it has done was deliver March 13, at 8: Try using the “Video search” button in the ppvstar+ screen. March 12, at 1: Sponsored — Must Try.


Reply to Aptoide Bot no puedo reproducir videos de youtube. Share this App via. How can I install the new version from Amazon without lose all the cached music? January 5, at 6: Ravi Prakash Singh says. June pvwtar+, at 3: First time seeing this problem. It’s THE BEST YouTube alternative especially with the awesome my-list, repeat, shuffle, and screen off playing functions BUT they have grown complacent with their status and now they will never fix the many ever-prevailent issues with this app.


Could be much slicker though, why 2 notification icons, interface bit clunky why play and pause always showingbetter integration to YouTube why import playlists not just play them, offer liked videos. Sanjeev S Kumawat 4 years ago. Tilo Wolf Blacker 4 years ago.

PVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player) APK Download – ASBIT

Change the Android Auto background with Substratum themes September 23, Return to top of page. This application passed the security test for virus, malware and other malicious attacks and doesn’t contain any threats.

FLV format from Youtube. Please try to connect to the car audio system. February 17, at Even a wallpaper can be set! We use cookies to offer you a great app store!

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. The developer does not seem to answer emails. AppDownload Tagged With: You can listen while you work! February 12, at Are you a developer? But looking at other similar apps, the recent updates had the users mad because they couldn’t listen to music in the background as well.


Trending Articles You Must Try. You may need to restart the device after changing these settings. Comments Archive Archive with all the comments ovstar+ for this app. I believe nothing new happenned in this case?

The only problem is once you go to the desktop you can’t go BACK to the app without making the video you’re streaming start over from the beginning.