The group finds out from different citizens that, the last time the city caught the felimia, they imprisoned her in a coffin buried in the Field of Boron. The realms of Arkania are safe once again thanks to the group of heroes. And the game helps you a bit to find your way with quest markers not too many. Computer Games Strategy Plus Originally posted by Cringer Tbh I secretly always hoped for a Remaster version of Quelle von Naroth – I think it could do well with a similar treatment.

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Shadows over Riva German title: The countryside’s once lucrative dwarven mine has been arkabia and occupied by the Orcs after a string of well-coordinated attacks.

Remakes always have the original licence holder dictating what may and may not happen with their property. Originally posted by Cringer Views Read Edit View history. Something sinister is happening in the seaside town of Riva.

Only those who see through truth and lies will survive this adventure. Try adjusting the terms of your search, you can search by game titles, publishers, and developers. There the party finds numerous experiments and letters all pointing to a person known only as Borborad and his shipment of two worm queens.

They are forced to escape the city, but they go with the knowledge and satisfaction that they saved everyone from the orcish invasion. In Computer Gaming WorldScorpia called Shadows over Riva “yet another of those products that aggravate me realms of arkania 3 shadows over riva than outright turkeys”, due to the design of its final sequence and ending.


None of the verified owners have rated this game. Last edited by Protoss ; Aug 15, There are no reviews yet. Quorra View Profile View Posts.

Upon killing the shapeshifter and its demon summon, there is information indicating the presence of a felimia, an elven vampire. But if you take Reviews as a measurement, if we every reach reviews, I’m fairly certain Riva will get made.

After obtaining the urn from the merfolk that live in the waters near Riva’s ober, the wizards spend a few days studying the queen inside.

Without the queen’s leadership, the orcish horde fragments back into their warring tribes.

So are you going to do Shadows over Riva next? :: Realms of Arkania: Star Trail General Discussions

In our case, Attic was very cooperative and we had almost free hand in realizing our remake vision. If you accept, the merprincess will join the party which relieves you from more potential attacks by merpeople. This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat Shadows over Riva “.

So the important question I’d have first is if the time limits are removed in the remakes. Protoss View Profile View Posts. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. But as a warrior he can not simply let you have the boots. There you are confronted by a nameless warrior who wearing the set of boots.


Meanwhile, rumors abound of traitors in the slum ridden-Hoberkian community and strange corpse rriva within the city’s ovdr, the Field of Boron. Originally posted by robomagon:. The moonlight kills the felimia, reducing her to nothing in a brilliant flash of light.

This game is powered by DOSBox. Research notes further reveal a wealth of information on the worm spawn from the queen. Raelms uniting the dwarves and elves, the party stops by the harbor city of Riva, which is currently under siege by the Orcish hordes.

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The moment you walk about the water, your party is immediately ovef by a group of merpeople with tridents. They are told to rescue a group of wizards from the magistrate’s prison island during the night.

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