SceneCity comes batteries included: That would seem really tedious if you had to do all of that individually. Certainly encourages me to buy your software. The city is built based on a population map, which is a texture representing how populated or rich each area of the city is. They will not overlap with other roads and buildings.


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I’m an independent developer and artist. This is an excellent development, particularly since there are both free and commercial versions. Use any prefab and modify them anytime after the city is imported. L-Systems are not used.

Blender Addon List: Addon: Suicidator City Generator

First you must have all your assets already in Unity: Export to external software and renderers. The procedural buildings are available but have yet to be ported to the node-system introduced in 1. Try speaking to someone who is syicidator suicide survivor, someone who’s lost a loved one this way, or someone who’s discovered a suicide scene.


This method is a lot more efficient than exporting the entire city directly with FBX because you keep the control on your prefabs for the buildings, roads and props. This type of roads gives nice curves and very complex-looking, intricate networks. You can install the software on as many computers as you like, provided the previous condition is met.


But it does not generate building details like you have shown in the screen shots here. Each unit of SceneCity bought is for one user only.

Suicidator City Generator

Export entire sucidator to Unity for realtime rendering and navigation. Yeah I get that too on my Mac, but on my PC it works fine. On white pixels will stand higher buildings, and on black pixels, lower buildings.

Not sure why that would be. Therefore you can greatly change the aspect of a city by modifying the parameters of the script, and also by changing the texture used for the population map.

I tried it a few days and was met with Or does it have to have that level of detail? If several persons must use SceneCity in your studio or workplace, then you must buy as many units as the number of people using the program.

I remembered your script from way back, but not the name.


Still a lot of work. I’ll let you know about how my work is going: Plug pieces of functionality together to reach your desired goals.


Compared the two in price and I’m saying this is a heck of a lot better. So could you use this to make low-poly buildings for games then? Scatter layout Place the buildings randomly. Notify me of new comments via email.

Simply because there suicidatorr a lot euicidator do, and Blender is ‘only’ a generic 3d application, not a specialized city builder. There are two types of roads you can use, depending on your needs. However, if you want the buildings to be more aligned, then decrease the value of this parameter.


Trying to keep it constructive, I honestly don’t think suicidqtor brand is near strong enough that a name change would seriously damage it. Place tens or hundreds of thousands of buildings in your city. You are commenting using your Twitter account.