It uses bit audio processing and can handle any sampling rate. MWaveShaper provides the maximum audio quality you can get. With these effects you can make some cool distortion. Try out also these plugins: We are an honest company and expect the same from our customers. December 18, at 3: No more money wasted on major upgrades like it is with other companies.

waveshaper vst

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Computers are now extremely qaveshaper, but the algorithms are more complex and projects bigger, so we still need to use the processing power with care.

WaveShaper CM – FREE waveshaping distortion VST/AU effect from Cableguys

December 18, at 2: And the licences are to-person, so you can use it on all your computers as long as you are the user. Try out also these plugins: MRotary Design your own rotary cabinet from any material and up to 6 speakers, the ultimate rotary!

Compression and expansion based on a classic telecom chip. Your ears should always be the main judge, but a smart metering system can often be a huge help.

MWaveShaper | MeldaProduction

December 17, at It does vvst make much sense to go over kHz, but if you think it is a good vxt, the plugin can do that. Yet another compressor, but this one has the ability to morph between soft-knee compression and waveshaping as desired. August 17, at 7: December 14, at 2: All the graphics is accelerated using your GPUgraphical interface, providing ultimately quick response and keep your CPU focused on the audio.


How many times did you forget your USB dongle? March 5, at The plugin can display the measurements of all relevant values using classic meters, or it can even show them in time using the time graphs.

MWaveShaper supports all major hosts on both platforms. December 29, at 9: MWaveShaper presets are carefully stored in a system database and you can quickly access them from any project in any host.

All in the name of creativity!

This may not only come handy for automation for example, but the multiparameters are very smart units and you can use them to smartly morph between banks of settings for example. Design your own rotary cabinet from any material and up to 6 speakers, the ultimate rotary!

MWaveShaper includes automatic gain compensationwhich quickly adapts to current settings and ensures the output sounds as loud as the input.

waveshaper vst

June 23, at 3: It is perfect for audio production for music, movies, games Learn how your comment data is processed. If your display doesn’t have a high resolution, you can make the plugin smaller.


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waveshaper vst

Have fun with these vsts. August 12, at 6: MVocoder Robotic voices, singing synthesizers In this article I wanted to go over some free Waveshapers I like to use to add a little flavor or cruch to the mix.

December 14, at 5: December 14, at 9: MWaveShaper provides a safety brickwall limiter, which ensures the output stays below 0dB and prevents your equipment and your ears from potential danger automatically.