Please install the same file on the number of computers you have licence for. Index-direct-Braille idB is a direct braille printing application built in the V5 braille embosser. Everest-D is a cut sheet-fed Braille embosser, with quick document production using the automatic booklet format. For example names, street addresses and cities can be misunderstood when translated with contracted Braille. The line where your cursor is, starting from number 1 on the top of the first page and counting up.

winbraille 5.1

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Now, start editing your template using Braille Translation Properties in the Braille menu. You may want winbraillle select how to split words that carry over a line before translating your document. The examples will help you create templates for different documents. In the Braille menu, under Braille translation properties, choose page layout. In advanced mode “Start paragraph on new page” has the additional function to move the textblock to the next page only if remaining text is less than a defined number of lines, lines.

WinBraille 5.0

The table of contents will be created where your cursor is. This section goes through some of WinBraille’s special Braille features. For example, a Braille document is normally longer then the text document it originated from and each line on the paper fits fewer characters. Following the wjnbraille process, the application leaves some files behind on the PC.


If there is no local distributor available send an order mail to order indexbraille.

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Select print range; All, Current page or Selection 4. Learn more An even better Everest-D Though the physical appearance has not changed, the Everest-D V5 has been updated to include all the latests Wibbraille techniques and compatibility with mainstream technology. All trademarks, registered trademarks, item names and business names or logos that talked about in here are the assets of their respective owners.

It will make the translation into Braille more efficient. Braille Module 31 Embosser Basics. Here is where you see which styles you are using. Any additional details about license you are able to found on owners sites.

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The control panel provides complete user control of the Braille embosser and easy interaction with the multi-language speech feedback. The text you are typing can either move the rest of the text, insert, or erase it, wwinbraille. Office Add-ins 10 2 Templates Download this app from official websites at no cost by this Portal Site. Tag the Index programs you would like to install. Accepted characters is a-z, A-Z and After uninstalling WinBraille version 5.


Noise level with acoustic protection. Office and You may choose between translating the wonbraille like in the source document, rotated or stair stepped. Winbrsille this custom defined paper size is created you select it in the template you are using. Excel 27 Index Braille, Sweden www. The text type where your cursor is. Set Binding Margin from the list.

winbraille 5.1

If you don’t allow cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of the web site. If one licence is used on multiple computers Index Braille database will discover this mis-use of the licence and have will treat this licence number as manipulated.

winbraille 5.1

If you want to move your table of winbraillr, you can cut and paste or simply change its position by clicking return or delete above it. If the “Found New Hardware wizard” do not start up automatically please start it manually by: Close all open WinBraille documents and open a new document with your preferred template.